A simple, complete guide to strengthening your online presence


Websites are assuming a pivotal role in branding, marketing, selling and PR in the business sector. No company can afford to be without one.

The Website Workout is a cutting-edge, information-packed and invaluable guide to all the elements – technical, textual and visual – that go into creating a profitable and streamlined business website and an impressive online presence. Written in a clear and concise style, with a wealth of supporting illustration, this book makes a complex subject easy to understand and provides advice and guidance that, if applied, will bring great rewards for any business of any size anywhere.

Managing Director of a leading web development agency since 1998, providing technical and consultancy services to SMEs and blue chip companies in the UK and internationally, author Darin Brockman works with all levels of organisations on building, streamlining and managing business websites.

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The Website Workout
by Darin Brockman

ISBN 978 0 9552798 2 9
192 pp, 175 x 145 mm, softback

Published by Words At Work, London
September 2008