A simple, complete guide to strengthening your online presence


Page samples


The internet has come of age and the virtual shop is here. You are in business and you have something to sell – products, services, or both. These days you are expected to do this, at least in part, online. But you’re not sure what this involves. What do you need to know?

Welcome to The Website Workout. Its purpose is to tell you what you need to know. It follows a logical step-by-step process, using simple, everyday language to guide you through unfamiliar territory by encouraging you to ask and answer a set of questions:

  • What do you want your website to do? (Objectives)
  • Who are your competitors and customers? (Research)
  • What should your website look like? (Presentation)
  • What information should it carry? (Content)
  • What functions should it have? (Architecture)
  • How do you get it high on the search engine listings? (Optimisation)
  • How do you maximise your online trading? (E-commerce)
  • How do you maximise your online marketing? (E-marketing)
  • What tools and strategies do you need to maintain the website? (Management)
  • How do you assess its performance and what changes might be needed? (Analytics)

Each of these questions forms the basis of a chapter in this book. Here, we give you some page samples, chapter by chapter. Take a look – and it’ll soon be obvious why this book is a must for anyone in business who is thinking about strengthening their online presence.