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Press Release:  15.8.08

Business websites – is yours doing all it could do for your business?

Websites are assuming a pivotal role in branding, marketing, selling and PR in the business sector. No company can afford to be without one. But how many companies know what goes into creating a profitable, streamlined business website? How many business leaders who commission a new company website really know what will make it a winning website?

Darin Brockman, Managing Director of a leading UK web development agency since 1998, tells business leaders all they need to know in his new book, The Website Workout (ISBN 978 09552798 2 9). In his Preface he writes: “A decade ago I talked about websites as brochures for businesses. Now I talk about business through websites, for they have become an integral part of any successful business.”

The Website Workout, published by Words at Work and retailing in bookshops at £7.99, is a cutting-edge, information-packed and invaluable guide to all the elements – technical, textual and visual – that go into creating an impressive online presence. Written in a clear and concise style, with a wealth of supporting illustration, including a colour section, this book makes a complex subject easy to understand and provides advice and guidance that, if applied, will bring great rewards for any business of any size anywhere.

The primary aim of The Website Workout is to give business leaders the information they need in order to ask the questions they should ask when their company website is being built or revamped.

The Website Workout is available from www.thewebsiteworkout.com and from good bookshops throughout the UK. Foreign rights are being negotiated for countries in Asia, Africa, North and Central America, and the Middle East.


Title: The Website Workout
Subtitle: A simple, complete guide to strengthening your online presence
Author: Darin Brockman

Publisher: Words at Work, London
ISBN 978 09552798 2 9
RRP £7.99; 192 pp; 175 x 145 mm; softback

For more on the book, including sample pages, see chapters.