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Web tipsWe will be using this space to jot down tips that we hope you’ll find useful, and to keep you up to date with new ideas, software, useful websites, etc.

Tip 1

If you want more tools to help with running your website, then have a look at Google’s Webmaster Tools. It will help you check your visibility on Google, diagnose any problems with the website, provide link reporting tools and many other features. And it’s all free! Why not go to www.google.com/webmasters/tools and get you site verified now?

Tip 2

Your site should have a level of security that’s good enough to stop spam emails coming through any forms on it (e.g., contact forms). If you’ve done this, but are still receiving spam, you could consider additional security involving the user inputting a series of blurred numbers/letters when completing a form. Your web developer who should be able to add this for you.

Tip 3

If your site was developed more than a year ago it is likely that it was not developed using Cascading Style Sheets (CSS). Also, it’ll be out of date with regard to the latest web standards, the ever-increasing user demands and changes in browser capabilities. So your site probably needs an update. To discover why it’s important to have CSS-based site, read The Website Workout.

Tip 4

If your website has audio or video material, you should think about including podcast facilities on the site. It’s something users are coming to expect now, and it’s a lot easier now for web developers to add these facilities to your site.

Tip 5

Newsfeeds on sites are a big thing now. If you usually add regular news to your site, then you should be thinking about adding RSS newsfeeds that allow users to automatically connect to your news. And search engines like newsfeeds – which means they’ll improve your site ranking!